Spring Garden (Art Piece) hummingbird feeder

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Every handspun pottery hummingbird feeder is a unique piece of art. The pot for this piece is spun on our pottery wheel. And flowers and swing are formed by hand from clay. The whole feeder is then hand painted and dipped in glass glaze and fired. 100% non toxic food safe materials used only. Feeder is designed to be bee safe having 1/8 inch port holes preventing bees from entering feeder. Simply fill your feeder almost to flower holes so bees can not reach the nectar with their short tongues. Hummingbirds will easily reach deep inside to get nectar with their very long, over 2 inch tongues. Our feeders are very easy to clean. And our hummingbird feeders do not drip. Your feeder will be made and colored this style. "Spring Garden" is an adorable  handmade feeder. Holds about 10-14 ounces of nectar. Comes with hanging string and ring. The pot has a white and green base with yellows flowers, this a lovely piece. This pot has 4 ports for feeding.
All pots are about 5x4 give or take an inch or so.
Only use 4 parts water 1 part pure sugar. No red dye. No substitutes. Clean feeders regularly for health and happiness of the hummingbirds.
Easy to clean
Bee proof
100% non toxic
Keeps nectar cooler
Made in the USA
Non Drip